The objectives of dissemination, exploitation and marketing activities will be performed in order to promote the scientific and commercial exploitation of the SOCIALIZE project’s results.

The exploitation and marketing activities aim at defining the consortium and partners strategy for exploiting SOCIALIZE project outputs: business model definition, promotion, advertising and commercialising the prototypes and the relative tools developed. The object is to divulgate project’s results and outputs as well as AAL principles and values to rise target groups awareness on the objectives of the project the research and development activities of the project; the applicability of project’s output; the problems afflicting the elderly; the commercial potential of the project; the aim and scope of AAL Joint Programme.

Accordingly, the objectives of this work package are:

  • To collect the results of the first three WPs into professional documents and to transform them into functional documents depending on the audience they will be addressed to;
  • To make these documents available to all interested parties all over Europe;
  • To identify and use appropriate and efficient communication channels (e-mail, mail, meetings, conferences, etc.) to disseminate the results to all target groups and stakeholders;fine a business model to go to market.

IRIS, as coordinator, will be the project manager responsible for the following management tasks:

  • Technical issues: monitoring of execution of deliverables and deadlines (reports), milestones (intermediate reviews, final review);
  • Financial issues: collection of financial reports and audit certificates, audits by AAL Authorities, management justification of costs, summary certified statement, payments and distribution of money to the consortium;
  • Management issues: Work flow/scheduling, communications between partners/AAL Authorities, conflicts, reporting;

Assessment of progress and results.

IRIS will be in charge of the tasks in WP 5, with the active cooperation of all project partners. Each WP Leader will be responsible of providing the coordinator with any information required.

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