The WP objective is to design and implement a viable architecture and a corresponding middleware implementation for future pervasive computing environments that are open, extensible, adaptive, self-configurable, and self-integrating with the goal of smart environments and make them more programmable and utilisable, translating end user and application requirements into a reference model that is made out of several more specific reference models according to the scenarios and technological indication defined in WP1 and according with certifications and cost constrains, security, confidentiality, data reliability.

The SOCIALIZE system architecture addresses the following key issues:

  • SOCIALIZE infrastructure architecture: Investigate on the different components and devices; design the hardware platform and network infrastructure, research and select the suitable devices for the elderly, specially designed to assist people who have difficulty to perform activities of daily living.
  • Middleware and Gateway architecture;
  • Service and application architecture: identify software requirement and design of specification for: server-centric applications, embedded applications, interoperability middleware;
  • Specialized interface design for elder, that  could cater to cognitive, motor and visual limitations of old age;
  • Security architecture: Investigate about security architecture to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted information across the system.