Objectives of the WP:

  • Study on ethical and social implication that may arise from the use of mobile social networking in elder community
  • Define end user needs according to their expectations, including economic viability and opportunities and to formulate technical development guidelines.
  • Provide relevant use case scenarios for the SOCIALIZE project, which will be translated into requirements towards the other work packages. Results will be then analysed from a sociological and economic point of view, so as to derive recommendations for the user acceptance of useful and viable applications as well as the development of a business scenarios.
  • Offer feedback to technical partners to guide the realisation of SOCIALIZE System throughout the project trough the definition of the SOCIALIZE platform Framework, study and definition of suitable interface for elder people (which is crucial for the success of the entire project). In the definition of GUI and the software services, is crucial the intervention of experts that operate and have daily contacts with elderly people.