To achieve an effective result for the project research academic centres, Industrial companies and end-users, have been selected in order to cover the different area of competence with some redundancy too guarantee best practice approach and geographical diversification.

The SOCIALIZE Consortium Partners share the view that European research collaboration is an important component of core research activity, because it can eliminate redundancy in R&D effort, give access to technology which might not be available within a region. For SMEs, international collaboration offer the possibility of gaining a better understanding of global markets and a way to communicate with large companies and academia.

All Partners have a proactive role in the project, in particular SMEs further than in research WPs, have a strategic role in the marketing and exploitation plan’s WP and in the SOCIALIZE field trials WP. End-users are heavily involved in the WP relate to social, ethical and economical study and in the field trials WP. For the field trials WP different patronage agreements have been signed for testing the SOCIALIZE solution.

Project consortium is formed by 9 European countries